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Center of everything

Located in the 'Kavaklidere' neighborhood, a green upscale residential and business area, Sheraton Ankara Hotel & Conference Center offers travelers of all types - solo, group, corporate, and families - an ideal setting.

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In addition to being Turkey’s capital and second largest city, Ankara is the country’s governmental, financial, and business center. Located in the center of Anatolia on the eastern edge of the Anatolian Plateau, the city made its first recorded appearance in 1200 BC when it was conquered by the Hittites and named Akuwash.

Outside of the city, archeological and natural marvels beckon. Cappadocia's "Fairy Chimneys", Ataturk's Mausoleum, and Konya's dervish shrines take guests on a trip to the past. Meanwhile, Pamukkale, lush forests, and emerald vineyards reveal some of the region’s geographical wonders.