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Road to Awareness Event

11 October 2015, 11:00

In order to raise awareness on clean water we invited our community to Sheraton Ankara to climb 25 floors with a cup of water and we asked them not to spill even one drop. At the end of a successful event with a wide participation we managed to collect a total donation of €2090. All donations are deposited to UNICEF account. Thank you all for your participation and save a drop a water.


Africa & Middle East Countries


Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene


  • WASH in schools promotes gender equality. Girls are vulnerable to dropping out when the toilets are not safe, separated for boys and girls or simply not available.
  • WASH in Schools boosts attendance and achievement. Nutrition deficiencies, diarrhoea and worms are related to poor sanitation and hygiene and effect school participation. Healthy children are in school and do better.
  • WASH in Schools improves health. It is the first step towards providing a healthy physical learning environment.
  • WASH in Schools reaches communities. Students who learn WASH positively influence hygiene practices in their homes, among family members and in the wider community. Plus the local community can benefit from the school facilities.